Remember when it was 1999 and everyone thought the world was going to end?

Ark comically chronicles the lives of nine strangers living at the end of the millennium. Initially, the only apparent link the characters share is their daily ritual of riding the bus. However, as their lives begin to tangle, these public encounters impact the characters in hilarious and unforeseeable ways. Minnie is an outspoken, neglected nine-year old. Nick is a tough thirteen-year old boy who dreams of being on the radio. Myrtle is a seventy- year old miserly woman who keeps her savings in a piggy bank. Jake is a softhearted joker obsessed with explosions and his ex-girlfriend. Dan is a factory worker who yearns for his glory days when he was a Disco DJ. Janice is a shy, lonely telemarketer. Marty is a pregnant, disillusioned cocktail waitress. The characters take turns calling Dr. Dina, a god-like radio psychiatrist. Although the characters range in age and ethnicity, each one is an outcast in his or her own way. Ark tells the story of what it means to be lonely, poor, a child, old, or ordinary in the city at a time where everyone is searching for faith.
Written and Directed by Kate Marks

October 14 - 31, 2004
Thursday - Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @ 5pm

$15- General Admission
This show is closed.
$15 General Admission
TDF Vouchers Accepted!
This show is closed.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Young and Old
People and Pigeons
Outcasts and Untouchables
The Violent and the Violated
The Hopeless and the Hopeful
People who've missed the bus
and People who've lost their license
It is 1999This is the city of Providence
And the World is Ending!

In this darkly comic apocalyptic fable, eight misfits search for connection and providence from their city and its public transportation.

Andrea Santiago, Carlos Lopez*, Esley Tate, Gigi Jhong, Heather Lawson, Letty Serra , Tami Gatta, Tatyana Disla and Tharon Moore
*Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Dramaturg: Laura Roemer
Assistant Directors: Alana Hollander, Sarah Roach
Production Assistant: Wendy Patricia Espinal
Sound Composition: Ann Warren
Set Design: Erica Hemminger
Light Design: James Bedell
Costume Design: Sean Sullivan
422 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019 ~ (212) 307-9467 ~
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