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MORE ABOUT Our Sex Scenes for Actors

Sex Scenes For Actors - - Oct 30, 5:30-7pm
Feel safer while you nail that love scene AND have more fun doing it, too!

   Are you an actor? Or do you want to be?
   Have you ever gotten anxious, creeped-out, or overwhelmed by having to do a kissing scene or a full-on sex scene in a play, film or for acting class?
   Want to be the kind of actor that directors, casting directors and other actors request when there’s a play, film or scene that requires physical intimacy because they know YOU rock at this kind of stuff and make other actors and directors feel safe?
   Want to be THAT actor whom directors, casting directors and producers know can handle the most challenging of intimacy roles AND be a professional pleasure to work with, AND deliver AMAZING performances?

If you’re struggling with how to navigate and negotiate scenes that require vulnerability, authenticity, and some sort of intimacy/sexuality, then THIS workshop is one that you do not want to miss!

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Halloween ,Oct 31

Poly-Curious 101  -- 6-7:30pm
Get the 411 for Non-Monogamy’s 101 before you see Off-Broadway’s The Goddess and attend the Key Party After-Party!

Curious about this new “lovestyle” you’re hearing a lot about called polyamory? Maybe you’ve read all the books but want to talk to folks actually living and loving the poly lifestyle… Perhaps you caught Reid on Bravo’s Miss Advised where he talked to Emily Morse about non-mongamy and you want to meet them in person! And maybe, juuuuust maybe, you’re looking for a little culture AND education this Halloween!

Whatever your reason or level of experience, join Reid for 90-minutes of polyamorous tips and tricks, THEN see the show, and THEN stay for the exclusive Talk Back/Key Party!

Talk Back and Modern Key Party  immediately after the 8pm perf of “The Goddess”
Key Party, Anyone?

Enjoy Off-Broadway’s The Goddess at 8pm presented by Looking Glass Theatre and then experience meeting like-minded adults in a modern day versioan of a 70′s Key Party facilitated by sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko!

The Goddess is an original comedy exploring the ideas of Open Marriage and contributing to the NYC Poly/Open love community. A Key Party was originally a way of facilitating couples swapping. Reid’s entertaining reinvention of the Key Party will allow theater attendees to mix and mingle after the show while interactively learning together as a group how to safely navigate and negotiate the possibility of exploring intimacy and sensuality with others outside and inside of their current relationships!

POST-SHOW TALK BACKS FOR SHOWS Oct 27 (3pm) and 31 (8pm)

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"Brisk, funny and smart!"
"A date-night show that's practically guaranteed to spark animated conversation!"
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"the funniest sex comedy I’ve ever seen" "the love scenes are hot, the acting is all top level" "Try it -- you’ll like it."
Barbara Lee Horn—Performing Arts INSIDER and lively-arts.com.
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"The play is fast moving, often erotically charged and thought provoking."
"It is a novel and daring play that may offend some, but...will allow others to contemplate relationships in a more nuanced and reasonable, non-traditional manner."
Theater Pizzaz
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Critically Acclaimed "THE GODDESS" Offers Free Sex...