"Off-Night" Theatre
The Monkey's Paw
The Classic Horror Tale by W.W. Jacobs
Adapted by Kenneth Nowell
Directed by Danielle Soames  

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Satan, Are You Out There?

Written by Judy Sheehan & Lee Etta Sutton
Directed by Nicole Mack

Apparently  the answer to the title question is yes when S & M shop owner Jane meets him in a bar and he sends his evil meanies to give her the gift of reading minds.  Just when it's driving her insane she hears the thoughts of her upstairs neighbor...
Aphrodite's Dungeon

"Episode One" 
Written and directed by Judy Sheehan

"Give me Adonis" 
by Judy Klass, directed by Troy Acree

"I Want What I Want" 
by Judy Sheehan, directed by Justine Lambert

"Episode One" and "I Want What I Want" marathon 
directed by Justine Lambert and Judy Sheehan

Our epic late night talk show of the gods where 
The Goddess of Love interviews gods (Zeus, Juno, 
Athena), nymphs (Echo), mythical characters (Oedipus)
and forces of nature (Testosterous and Premenstruous).

The Village Voice called it "Oprah on Acid" and The Columbia Spectator said "Your funny bone will thank you"!
Helix 999 
Written by Kenneth Nowell
Directed by Candace O'Neil Cihocki

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Creatures of the Cabaret
A late-night of one-acts
Written by Various Playwrights
Directed by Shari Johnson

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October 12 - November 17, 2007

Lesbian Bathhouse
An original late-night play
Written by Helen Eisenbach
Directed by Rose Ginsberg

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April 5 - 28, 2010

70 Million Tons
A comedy about the environment
Written by Terri McKinstry
Directed by Chanda Calentine

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