The Laboratory
The Looking Glass Laboratory is an arena for female playwrights and directors to
discuss and explore their current projects and career issues as well as generate
new work and network with each other.  A typical Lab meeting is divided into two parts:

PART ONE: The first half of the monthly Lab meeting is dedicated to a lecture,
activity or discussion that educates and expands the imagination.  Our most recent guest
lecture was given by Broadway set designer David Gallo.  Past activities have included
a Viewpoints workshop, a workshop on networking skills and exercises on collaboration. 
Our discussions have centered on everything from directing Phaedra to the realities of

PART TWO:  The second half of the monthly Lab meeting is dedicated to reading and/or
viewing members' work.  Playwrights and directors are encouraged to bring in 10-20 minutes
of a project they are currently working on (often work that has been developed through
collaboration with another Lab member).  The work is then discussed in a thoughtful and
encouraging atmosphere.

In addition to the monthly Lab meetings, playwright members of the group meet twice a
month at  THE PLAYWRIGHTS' LAB.  Each playwright is given a meeting entirely devoted
to her work.  She can choose to have either a full length play or several short plays read
aloud by the group.  The ensuing discussion is always as thought provoking as the plays.

Finally, the Lab offers members an opportunity to present original ten-minute pieces to the
public one to two times a year.  The most recent production was entitled The Fairy Tale Project.
Lab members were asked to write ten-minute plays based on the fairy tales we all know. 
These bare bones projects ranged from a musical about a princess and her vibrator to a play
cycle that presented three versions of Little Red Riding Hood

In addition Lab members are often asked to contribute either plays or their directing talents
to the Looking Glass Forum.

Click here for member roster and bios
The Looking Glass Laboratory is open to women playwrights and directors from all walks of life.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the Lab, please follow the instructions below:

Directors: Please submit a letter of interest and a resume.

Playwrights: Please submit two contrasting full length scripts, a letter of interest and a resume.

All materials (except for full length plays, which must be snail mailed) may be sent to either: or Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Lab Director/347 East 78th St. #3A/NYC 10021.
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