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In a time of intense debate about the purpose and definition of marriage, marriage equality, same-sex marriage and alternatives to monogamy, “The Goddess” jumps headlong into this storm-tossed controversy. In “The Goddess” two intelligent, loving partners in an attempt to deepen their commitment, take the unusual step of pursuing multiple partners.

What are the emotional hazards of this decision? What is the cost of complete honesty? How do we make the ancient institution of marriage new for the modern world? How do we refresh the traditional roles as our understanding of gender and identity develops?

Who is The Goddess?

Emma and Mike are a contemporary New York couple who push the boundaries of their marriage by agreeing to openly pursue multiple partners. Into this modern world a mysterious vision inserts herself. Who or what is this Goddess? She is the embodiment of human sexuality. She is a force in Emma's mind that won't let her settle for the ordinary or the bourgeois. She is a power that stirs our half atrophied primal selves out of the complacency of "civilization." She is a beautiful woman, or is she?

 Here's a look at the history of how this project came about:

  • Fall 2013: Looking Glass Theatre produces The Goddess by Justine Lambert and Kenneth Nowell in late 2013.
  • October 2014: Brian Blake from Broadband TV Productions attends a performance and post show discussion.
  • November 2013: Brian reaches out to Justine about the possibility of Broadband TV Productions making the play into a film.
  • Spring 2014: After many exciting discussions and meetings a collaboration is agreed upon
  • Fall 2014: Pre production begins.
  • August 2015: Principal photography begins.

We couldn't be more amazed and excited that this is truly happening.  Now that we know it's real we want to make it the best it can possibly be!

That's why we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.  If you would like to hear more about this project and become a part of it yourself please check this out!

Other Ways You Can Help

We get it. Some people just can't spare the cash, but that doesn't mean you can't help!

  • Please help us get the word out! Make some noise about our campaign via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, emails etc. etc.
  • You can use the Indiegogo share tools at the top of the page right next to the video to make it easy.
  • Spreading the word in any of these ways is truly huge.  We can create a groundswell as more and more people hear about this project!

Currently in Post Production

Our Off Broadway play is being made into a feature film about relationship alternatives. Emma and Mike are deeply in love, does that equal monogamy and nothing but monogamy?

"The Goddess” takes us on a thrilling ride that deepens our understanding of how marriage is the ultimate human collaboration.  Whether it’s a socially sanctioned relationship or not, is the ultimate goal of marriage to protect ourselves and to further the species?

Where does monogamy fit into this?  Is monogamy vital to fulfilling this goal?
The Goddess - The Film
Alice Bahlke as Emma and Josh Dye as Mike
Szalene Anthony as The One with the Cowboy Hat
In August of 2015 we shot a film version of The Goddess. This labor of love is sadly on hold for the moment while we try to retrieve the footage from the co-producer who hasn't edited it or been willing to return it. Any and all good vibes are welcome as we continue our attempts to re-aquire this footage and make a movie!