Assistant Director/Stage Managers: Lila Rose Kaplan, Caroline Raymond
Production Assistants: B. Clara Kim, Jennifer Semidey
Set Designer: Matt Downs McAdon
Light Designer: Danielle Colburn
Costume Designer: Erica Frank
Sound Designer: Kenneth Nowell
Fight Choreography: Ian Marshall
Troy Acree, Erica Engstrom, Danny LeGare, Charlotte Purser*,
Akiva Saltzman, Erin Scanlon, Rachel Scott*, John Williams

*member of Actors Equity Association
By Yasmine Rana
Directed by Justine Lambert

Oct 30 - Nov 30, 2003
Thurs - Sat Evenings @ 8pm
and Sundays @ 5pm

No Performance Thanksgiving Evening!
Extra performance on Sat, Nov 29 @ 3pm

Tickets: $19
TDF Vouchers Accepted

Joley, age 30, is dealing with her past through memories of two specific times in her life. At 14, without supervision from her absentee father or her insecure mother, who needs someone to blame, she becomes involve in a relationship with a strange "Guy."  He has been watching her from afar and feels a strong desire to take care of her.  At 18, we see that she has run away and is on the road with a young man she hardly knows.  What these men mean to her ability to take control of her memories, as well as to see and understand herself, is the crux of the drama.  The 30-year-old tells us of the abuse she as suffered, imparts the childhood she survived and conveys the adult she has become through beautifully poetic language.

Yasmine Rana has been associated with The Looking Glass Theatre for four years.  The Forum has produced six productions of her one-acts.  Blood Sky's development with the company has included a staged reading, workshop production, and a workshop performance/reading of the first act as part of this year's Estrogenius fundraiser.  Blood Sky has won a number of contests and awards and has had numerous staged readings.  This will be the play's first professional production.  Teaming up with Rana is Artistic Director, Justine Lambert, who is directing here at Looking Glass for the first time in three years having been occupied with work out of town and development around the city.  This is the team's fourth collaboration including a previous workshop of this play.

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Hi! Drama- Blood Sky review

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The production is wonderfully directed by Justine Lambert who is obviously gifted at coaching and working with performers. All of the actors in the production seemed equally skilled and talented and yet when I read their bios, I was surprised to find the varying training and skill level that they come from. Under Ms. Lambert's direction, all of the actors gave flawless performances. There honestly was not one that was better or worse than another. They were all great. Their voices were of Broadway calibur and their interpertation and pacing were excellant. This sense of professionalism amongst the cast members can only be attributed to Ms. Lambert's strong directing and talent for casting.    ~~Glory Bowen
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