Looking Glass Theatre and Founding Artistic Director 
Justine Lambert received The Lucille Lortel Award from 
The League of Professional Theatre Women in June 2006.

The Lucille Lortel Award, established with an endowment given 
by Lucille Lortel, carries a $2,500 award to an aspiring woman in
any discipline of theatre who shows great creative promise and 
deserves recognition and encouragement for her efforts. 

The work of Looking Glass Theatre and Artistic Director 
Justine Lambert captured the attention of the Lucille Lortel 
Committee of the League, who were unanimous in their vote. 

Past recipients of The Lucille Lortel Award include 
Melanie Joseph, founder of the Foundry Theatre; 
Cara Reichel, founder of Prospect Theatre Company; 
and Mandy Hackett, founder of The Underwood Theater.

2008 Best Short Script - The Three Sillies, Aliza Shane

2007 Outstanding Costume Design - Bug Boy Blues, David Withrow

Looking Glass Theatre's production of The Fall received numerous award nominations for the 2005 IT Awards.
  Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role - Will Ellis 
  Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role - Vanessa Daniels 
  Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role - Beth Glover 
  Outstanding Original Full-length Script - Kenneth Nowell 

Selected as a Recipient of The STAR Initiative from WNYC Radio

Artistic Director Justine Lambert was cited as one of the Top 100 
New Yorkers of the Year in 2003 for her work with Looking Glass Theatre.

Beaux Arts Society Award for Best Non-Musical Play Trifles by Susan Glaspell Directed by Debra Whitfield, part of an evening of one-acts entitled Lies, Lies, Lies December 1996/January 1997

OOBR Award for Best Production
The Three Sisters by Anton Chekov
Directed by Justine Lambert
December 1995/January 1996

Best Plays of the Year (Backstage, Irene Backalenick)
As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Directed by Anne Beaumont

Reviews - Selected Quotes

The Goddess
"Brisk, funny and smart!"
"A date-night show that's practically guaranteed to spark animated conversation!"

"The play is fast moving, often erotically charged and thought provoking."
"It is a novel and daring play that may offend some, but...will allow others to contemplate relationships in a more nuanced and reasonable, non-traditional manner."
Theater Pizzaz

"the funniest sex comedy I’ve ever seen" "the love scenes are hot, the acting is all top level" "Try it -- you’ll like it."
Barbara Lee Horn—Performing Arts INSIDER and

The Fall
“Mr. Nowell and his superb director, Kate Marks, manage a tone that teeters effectively between the tragic and the hilarious, until by the end, you are left powerfully, and unexpectedly, shaken. The text is wonderfully served by the swift physicality of the direction, video and set design by Maria Cataldo, and strong performances, especially Vanessa Daniels's tour de force as Jill, a role that requires acrobatic and verbal skill, and the emotional rigor of, well, Hamlet. ‘To swallow or not to swallow,’ she declaims, desperate, holding a pill. ‘These pills are sort of like instant modernity. Just add water!’”
  -The New York Times

Calamity Jane Battles The Horrible Hoopsnakes
“A colorful set along with old-school sound effects and an emphasis on physical comedy evokes the nostalgia of classic Saturday morning cartoons. Honeybourne hopes the play will appeal to everyone—much like those animated gems. ‘I want the Shrek effect,’ she says. With jokes about both pie and politics, Honeybourne could well have her wish come true.”
- Time Out New York

Three By the Sea
“In a funny entertaining way, the show teaches about fitting in and being nice to the people around you – the simple life lessons that kids could use as well as their grown-up chaperones. Adults may prefer chairs to the pillows, but just like their offspring, they can’t help their reactions – the stories bring out the inner child in everyone no matter their age.”
 -The Happiest Medium

Betsy is Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored! 
"A briskly paced romp through daydreams."  
  - The New York Times

"BAAL may have shocked audiences in the early part of the last century, but through clever casting and excellent direction, Looking Glass has managed to give this play new life and new meaning in this century. It should not be missed."

L to R: Looking Glass Founding Artistic Director Justine Lambert and 
LPTW Co-Presidents Joan Firestone and Harriet Slaughter.

“a briskly paced romp through daydreams” –The New York Times
“charmingly original” – The Huffington Post
“delivers the goods, and much more!” -The Happiest Medium
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